Thursday 5 July 2012

New Picture Book: CATCH US IF YOU CAN-CAN!

Well, it's here! My new picture book 'CATCH US IF YOU CAN-CAN!', the sequel to my book 'EGG'.

The naughty Foxy DuBois is back with another dastardly scheme which sees her trying to steal a golden egg that's the prize in a dance competition. This time though, she's not acting alone... she ropes in her old rival Alphonso, a giant alligator to be her partner in crime, but the terrible twosome soon find themselves dancing with danger...

Available to pre-order online here, or you should be able to pick up a copy in a month's time in your local chain or independent book shop.
(Try to support your local independent bookshop if you can-can!)

Here's are some sneaky peeks inside:

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