Thursday 30 July 2009

Penguin isn't sure...

Sometimes it's nice to do something which doesn't involve using the computer. 
I'm a little obsessed with penguins recently, but more about that soon!

Wednesday 29 July 2009

AOI Images

My work is on the left.

Last night I rattled down on the train to London to attend the private view for the AOI Images 32 exhibition. Three pieces of my work had made it into the book and the show and it was great to see the spreads from 'Bella and Monty: A Hairy, Scary Night' framed and up on the walls. I was in good company too as both Oliver Jeffers and Mei Matsuoka had pieces hanging in the children's book section. It was great to have the chance to look at their work close up as I've been a fan of their work for a while now.
Going to the exhibition was also a great chance to catch up with my agents - the lovely ladies from Arena. GROUP SHOT!
Tamlyn, Justine and Caroline.
(Alison was somewhere else at this point!)
I had to dash before it was all over as I had to catch my train home! I've never run so far in my life and was thoroughly exhausted by the time I eventually shlumped into my seat for the journey home. Only to have to endure two and a quarter hours of screaming children, the trials and tribulations of the woman sitting in front of me and a carriage full of dubious smells... yuck.

I'm still tired from the 6 hour round trip but it's ok... I have this to soothe me. Aah... fish... just the sort of place for a mermaid or two...


Sunday 26 July 2009

Salad. Heaven.

101 Simple Salad ideas from the New York Times.
Being a BIG salad fan this excites me probably more than it does other people...

Friday 24 July 2009


Am busy, busy, busy at the moment and unfortunately most of it is at the TOP SECRET stage so I can really show you much of it ... so as  special treat I though I'd show you what my studio looks like! (Try to contain yourselves please.) 

Now I'm not joking when I say my studio is just a smidge bigger than a stamp - you could probably fit it in your lunch box if you tried. Saying that however, it might be small but my goodness have I managed to pack some stuff into it...
Above: Here's my inspiration wall. ( that's a posh way of way a couple of bits of string nailed to the wall with all sorts of bits hanging from it so I don't lose them...) The lady in the photograph is one of my Grandmothers - Alice, looking rather stylish in a wool coat.
Above: The Desk.
This is actually quite tidy. The penguin toy is one I'm in the middle of making. The open sketch book is one from a holiday in France last summer - I got it out to look for a man's face I'd doodled which I thought would be just right for something I'm working on. Note the bookshelves- absolute disgrace.

Above: This is the corner with the inspiration pin boards - another place for me to put nice things to look at/things I must not lose.

Above: Vintage suitcases.
These contain  a massive collection of trinkets and treasures. Fabric for scanning, buttons, ribbons and mini pom-poms. All waiting to be used one day in a book or to be made into a toy or something.
The middle one was, I think, the suitcase my grandmother used to come over from Ireland in the 1930s. It still has her name written on the inside. 

Well I hoped you enjoyed that little tour! Now I've found/bought a new thingy for uploading my pics to the internet I'll try and post pictures more often. Right... back to work and that means absolutely not making a detour via the packet of Party Ring biscuits in the kitchen...


Tuesday 14 July 2009

HOME on cbeebies

For anyone who missed it, you can watch Home being read here for the next seven days!


My book 'HOME' is going to be read by Warwick Davis this evening on the cbeebies channel as part of their bedtime hour from 6pm until 7pm!

Tune in!

Friday 10 July 2009

Thursday 9 July 2009


Sometimes when I upload a picture does it spring up big when you click it, and then other times it stays small?
Anyone who can answer me this will be rewarded with a winning smile.


I did this picture today whilst ignoring a spread from my next book in the hope it might sort itself out and not involve me.

In other (non-work related) news, please buy me everything available here.
Thank you!