Wednesday 23 October 2013

Arthur the Artist...

Today I got to hangout with my one and a half year old godson Arthur!

We had quite an adventure!

We walked his big sister (my fairy goddaughter) to school and we walked back home again. We waved at a lorry and investigated a gnome statue in a neighbouring front garden. But then it was time to knuckle down to some serious artistic work! 

Here are some pictures of our creative endeavours. 
As you can see, Arthur is rather nifty at colouring in. 
We created lots of pictures and even a portrait of his sister for her to find when she comes home from school! 

Then Arthur's mummy came home, so the wax crayons were quickly stashed under the seat of his toy scooter (obviously?!) for next time and it was time for Arthur to have a big mummy cuddle and a morning nap. Colouring in is VERY tiring work...

Well done Arthur!