Saturday 7 July 2012

Miss Marple

Anyone who follows me on Twitter, or has met me knows that I am a bit of an Agatha Christie addict. I do like a murder, but only if it happens in a world of afternoon teas on the lawn, mysterious colonials, suspicious spinsters and unusual goings on in the Vicarage.

I've been doodling Miss Marple a bit this week and decided to finish one of my doodles up into a piece for my portfolio. ( This is a not very subtle way of saying "CAN SOMEONE HIRE ME TO ILLUSTRATE ONE OF AGATHA CHRISTIE'S BOOKS PLEASE"...)


So, here we have the finished picture of Miss Marple eavesdropping or contemplating something she's only just seen the significance of...

click to enlarge

And here we have a doodle from my sketchbook of Miss Marple observing from the garden...

click to enlarge


  1. These are so fabulous! I was just saying that Miss Marple does an awful lot of eavesdropping.