Monday 6 June 2011


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These pictures are nice aren't they?! The top one shows a brave knight battling a FEROCIOUS dragon and below is a very grand castle. They are the work of brand new illustrator Thomas Smith (aged just 6 years old).

Some need to know facts about Thomas:

1. He can rustle up a full colour, stapled together picture books in next to no time especially if you are feeling poorly and need cheering up or if you just seem a long way away. ( My wife and I are both proud owners of some of these masterpieces.)
2. He is an EXPERT on Star Wars, Castles, Knights, aliens and Indianna Jones.
3. He enjoys bouncing on beds and having water fights.
4. He's my Big Nephew*

These pictures were mailed to me on Friday after I asked for something to brighten up my new studio. Watch out publishers and bookstores - there's a new kid in town!

*I have two hilarious nephews and a very lovely, getting-quite-grown-up-now niece. I am a VERY (embarrassingly) proud uncle! Sorry!

Friday 3 June 2011

Thursday 2 June 2011


I've moved into my new studio. As you can see 'some of us' are making ourselves right at home. Bella the other dog was feeling too shy to be snapped! The window in front of my desk is proving very distracting!