Friday 17 December 2010

Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas to all you lovely people who come and peek at my blog, look at my pictures, leave lovely comments and read my wafflings! I hope you have a fantastic, white (fingers crossed, please,please,please) Christmas and a new year full of excitement, adventures and fun!

Thank you all for looking at my blog and for all your kind words.

For another Christmassy treat - dash over to my CLAUDE blog!

Thursday 9 December 2010

What I Wore Today: Visit to the doctors

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Oh croak, croak croak!
I have lost my voice almost completely. I sound like a sad, croaking frog!
Here is what I wore to visit the doctors.


Check out the new blog for my new children's book character CLAUDE and his best friend Sir Bobblysock.
It's the place to go for silly pictures, funny stories, sneaky (pre-release) peeks of the new books and all sorts of other CLAUDE related things!

Wednesday 8 December 2010


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A little portfolio piece drawn on my newest discovery - Langton Hot Pressed Watercolour Paper. Lovely - and available in pads rather than sheets.
The image above has ( in real life) a pale grey background, but for some reason that hasn't scanned well...?!

Thursday 2 December 2010

Claude's new BLOG!

My new character CLAUDE now has his own blog! CLICK HERE and be whisked off to a world of berets, bobbly socks, and adventures. Keep checking back for news on the Claude books, events, silly pictures and some of Claude and Sir Bobblysock's musings on life.

Letters to my Nephew - The Polar Bear

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Yesterday we had even more snow! There was a blizzard blowing when I walked my wife to work. When I got back home and had thawed my feet out I wrote a letter to my nephews telling them about what happened when a polar bear came for a visit. All true I promise you (!)

Anyway, here's the picture I drew to go with the letter...

Wednesday 1 December 2010

Bella and the Snowflakes

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Well, I appear to be living in Narnia!
Outside my studio window the snow is falling thick and fast and everything is under a duvet of the chilly white stuff! I love it and I'm not the only one! Bella Boo, our chihuahua/jackrussell cross is finding the whole thing very exciting. She likes nothing more than scampering about outside, nosing the snowdrifts and making patterns of footprints all over the garden.

It's all very cute, but I'm exhausted from having to have a series of tiny jumpers warmed and ready for her to change into when she bothers to come back in! The other two dogs are much more sensible - they are having a brilliant time WATCHING the snow from the snuggly safety of their blanket on the sofa.