Thursday 3 May 2012


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Anyone who follows me on Twitter will know that I love being an uncle. I also love books and drawing.
The other day whilst listening to a discussion on the radio about whether too much technology is damaging today's children, I mentioned that I felt my Little Nephew (who's 3) who had trouble initially to connect with books and reading and drawing, had been helped hugely by learning to use the iPad and particularly the gorgeous Nosy Crow apps that we downloaded for him.

Then Kate, the lovely MD of Nosy Crow only went and asked me to write a guest blog about it didn't she? So I did. I also drew the above picture to go with it. So go ----> here<-----  if you'd like to read my opinions about the eBook vs the 'real' book debate, how the iPad created an artist out of my Little Nephew and about a tap dancing gorilla who makes a lot of noise....


  1. You must be the bestest Uncle in the UK! How awesome. I just love this piece Alex. It just warms my heart.

  2. Very nice blog post you did on Nosy Crow !!