Tuesday 15 May 2012

The Borrowed Dog Circus...

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This is a picture I did for my little friend Nevaeh, to whom I am an Honorary Uncle because her mum is one of my best friend's from childhood.

The other day Nevaeh's mum Sophie got in contact with me to tell me that following the Britain's Got Talent final where a performing dog won, Nevaeh had formulated a plan which she (Nevaeh) believes will make her win next year's competition and propel her to SUPER STARDOM! 

The plan is as follows:

Nevaeh to her Mum:  

"I'm sure Uncle Alex will let me borrow one of his tiny dogs to train with for next years show?

Imagine what tricks we could do? Do you think the girly one would do some ballet with me? 

Nanny's Bailey is far to BIG and stinky!"

My dogs, as most of you know, are two tiny, very naughty chihuahuas. I say good luck to Nevaeh if she thinks she can train them, because I can't!
The image of this plan really made me laugh. I couldn't imagine my boy chihuahua, Mr Billy Bongo, being too pleased about squeezing into a tutu, so I decided to draw Nevaeh as a Circus performer instead.

It's Nanny's poor boxer dog Bailey who I feel sorry for. I'm sure a spritz of perfume and a jazzy bow would make the world of difference...

So keep your eyes peeled on BGT next year as you might see my two pooches sashaying around the stage with an excitable 5 year old. They'd certainly get my vote!


  1. Wow, your illustrations are so beautiful and intricate, my six year old has just gone to draw a picture! Without wishing to sound like a stalker we are huge fans!

  2. That's adorable! The poster but also her plan to win BGT! :)

  3. What splendid news! How awesome. This is just jelly roll fabulous! I love, I love, I love it! Wonderful work. You keep me amazed every single time you do something! God has blessed you with a magnificent gift Alex. Oh to live in your head for one day. he hehe he he! Best to you with hugs.

  4. Hello Alex!! Good Morning my friend. I am so very curious to know if your package has arrived yet? By the way, I am so loving this illustration. It just makes me giggle with delight! Have a great day.

  5. Hi Vanessa! You are so right!

    Aley! This is not only a brilliant (and funny)illustration - the "title" made me want to read the whole pcture book(?) story! (I know, I know. There is none.)
    You are really a great illustrator! I would probably buy a book full of "made-up covers" by you - without any story at all!

  6. I've just read 34 children's books for work (!). 'Claude in the City' was far and away the best: funny, fresh, fabulous and deliciously surreal with marvellous 50s (?) inspired artwork. I can get quite jaded reading kids' books - not this time. Thank you! jw

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