Tuesday 8 May 2012

Surprise (with light and shade!)

click to enlarge

As you'll see from the below post, I put this image online earlier today, but I couldn't help thinking that it wasn't quite finished. I am an awful one for tinkering about with my pictures - nudging things here and there etc, but I felt that this little boy's special surprise was missing a bit of light and shade. It needed just a little bit more drama, maybe. Some light coming through the (unseen) leaves.

Above is the 'tinkered with' image I'm happy with. The RGB jpeg format does flatten the colours a bit. The CMYK file is much richer than this, but that's Photoshop for you!

Now what I'd like to know is what is in those parcels...? Ideas anyone?


  1. A talking, jolly purple jellyman sent from his grandpa!! That's what's in one of the boxes! he he he he he! This is so magical Alex. Truly magical indeed. Great work.

  2. bon bons for sure! love the more saturated fix...thanks for sharing.