Friday 9 December 2011

The Polar Bear Post

click to enlarge.

The Polar Bear Post is how all your letters to Father Christmas get delivered to his workshop in the North Pole.
The post gets dropped off  by a boat on the icy shore of the Arctic, where it's picked up by the bears who then amble across the snow with it to make sure your notes get to Santa before Christmas. Only they know the exact location of Father Christmas's house. Didn't you know that? I suppose they did rather skirt around it on Frozen Planet so you can be forgiven...*

*I might have made some of this up...


  1. Haha. Very clever! I love your illustration :)

  2. Please would you have a word with them and say 'Ambling isn't good enough,'? Don't they know we are in a hurry for our presents?

  3. love it - and KNOW it to be true

  4. Love your Polar Bear SO much! Especially his shoes!! Made me have a very big smile, thank you : )

  5. He's a mrvellous chap. Really like his scarf, and the detail on the parcels. Top stuff :)