Friday 9 December 2011

FREE! An address label for your letters to Father Christmas!

click to enlarge.

Here's an address label for you to use on you letters to Father Christmas!

Simply click on the image above to enlarge it. 
Save it to your computer then print it off.
Then just follow the instructions and Bob's your uncle - your letter has it's own very smart address label! AND there's no need for a stamp as the postage has been paid for you!

Once posted it will then be rushed across the North Pole by the Polar Bear Post.
Have you not heard of that? Well come back later and find out more....



  1. This is so sweet, going to send one to my niece :)

  2. My daughter Sophia showed me 'Claude', as part of her judging material and it's a pleasure to see all the scribbles on your site. Lovely, entertaining work.