Thursday 14 July 2011


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A few weeks ago I was thinking about fairytales and drew some character designs and scenes from Little Red Riding Hood. To continue this mini occasional series, I was thinking about the Little Mermaid yesterday and painted this.
I have to say I do much prefer the Disney version to the original. Probably because when I was a child I had a copy of the original text and it was utterly terrifying. The illustrations were horrible ( and scary!) and the text included a bit about how when the newly human mermaid started to walk it felt like knives stabbing her feet...

<< Shudder>>>

Needless to say, the all singing, all dancing, comedy crab including Disney version was altogether more cheerful!


  1. This pic is gorgeous! Defo my favourite Disney film :)

  2. his picture reminds me of the 50s disney concept art :) i agree about the story, it's very sad! anyway, love this pic!

  3. Hi Alex , nice to meet you, I' m Claudia and let me say that your illustrations are so beautiful!First of all sorry for my bad English and all the grammatical errors . I have a blog about biography,art and illustrations and I'd like to write an article about you ,about your drawings and vocacional training. If you want to read my prevous article you can have a glance at link
    I hope you don't mind if I introduce your lovely works to my followers,you're so talented!