Tuesday 12 July 2011

Contents of my head...

Wowee I am busy at the moment!
 I've just finished my first completely painted-and-not-gone-near-a-computer book ( a board book for a lovely Swiss publisher) and am now in the process of doing the final art work ( a mixture of digital and traditional) for one publisher and thinking about the story for my next picture book with another. The contents of my head at the moment is a bit random to say the least.
On the one hand I have a sly little fox, a cross-dressing alligator and some very jazzy, feathery ballroom dancers and on the other I have this little madam - more about all of this soon I hope!


  1. i love your little illo of bettys tearoom because i am always in there!

  2. wow - all sounds very exciting!! look forward to seeing more :D

  3. Great stuff. I've had a bit like that recently, working through ideas for bears in winter, a bulbous blue monster, wolves, and kids all at the same time. Fizz fizz.