Friday 18 February 2011

In Dreams....

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Another portfolio piece...


  1. Lovely colour scheme, I like limited palettes.
    And I like the way you've done the retro dotty shading faded flowers in the background, and the flowers in her hair.
    How did you do the colouring, is it digital?

  2. Wonderful
    good creations

  3. ALEX! your illustrations are beautiful!

    Esp the one with the french children and the teacher! I'm running out to purchase your book "HOME" for a friend of ours' birthday. She, Lori, moved to DC and the rest of us live in NYC. We all moved to NYC from different places and it's become our "HOME."

    Thanks so much for your beautiful work! I'm a Mandarin teacher at the Lycee francais de New York and i will DEFINITELY try to incorporate your illustrations in my teaching, somehow. cuz it's so darn cute!

  4. Gorgeous :-) I love it all! You should do cards of these...?