Monday 7 February 2011

Attention! C'est une patinoire!

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Translation: WATCH OUT! It's an ice rink!

When I was in Paris before Christmas, Jemma and I went to have a breakfast picnic in a beautiful little park near to where she used to teach. It was a very bright, but cold and icy morning and we enjoyed eating out croissants on a bench by the duck pond. All of a sudden a troupe of nursery school children marched down the path and the above happened. I felt a bit sorry for their teacher - I think he had his hands full with his chic, clumsy little pupils!

I sketched the scene in my sketchbook when we were having a warm up hot chocolate in a cafe nearby. I couldn't resist colouring it in.


  1. My favourite is the child with the extraordinary bun.

    You could make this the beginning of a campaign to restore 'nature walks' into primary schools.


  2. Ah thank you Teresa!
    I keep sneaking a peek at your blog - such lovely things to look at!

  3. Thanks Kristyna!
    ( P.s Alison and Tamlyn told me about your books - so pleased and excited for you!)

  4. Hi Ester - a great idea. That little girl was very cute and so non-plussed by nature. Not sure she would enjoy regular 'nature walks'!

  5. Merci - this picture made my day!!!

  6. lovely drawing, lovely colours! I would like to see a picture book with these kids - and their teacher, of course!