Wednesday 12 January 2011

Junior Magazine meets Claude...

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The lovely people at the brilliant (and very chic) Junior magazine have a nice article and mini interview with me about my forthcoming fiction series Claude ( publishing in Feb). It's in their February issue which is out now until Feb 4th so I urge you to go out and get it!

I'm so pleased to be featured in the magazine, as it's one of my favourites. It's helped me out a few times when I haven't been able to think of a stylish outfit for one of my characters to wear.

And if you need another reason to buy this month's issue there is a recipe for delicious looking Whoopie pies in there which I think I will have to make! (and eat....) YUM!


The full interview I did with Catherine the editor can be read here.

And don't forget to bookmark Claude's VERY OWN BLOG and keep checking it regularly for lots of exciting and exclusive things!

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