Monday 17 January 2011

Diary Week 2

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Week two of my illustrated diary. There is an entry for last night but it's unfinished - I fell asleep mid-doodle! Come back next Monday for the next semi-interesting installment...


  1. Spot on with the people with scant clothing in this weather & uninterested Dr!! Laughed at the impossibly long arms as I'm similarly afflicted - but perhaps not to that degree!

  2. Super duper idea to do an illustrated diary :-) Looking forward to next weeks installment!

  3. I love this - unique and very funny

  4. This is brilliant. Love all the details, drawing and storywise.
    What could have been a fairly average day is made very interesting and funny.
    Looking forward to the next one. (You are going to do another aren't you?)

  5. Thanks for all your comments. So pleased y'all like the diary. Yes Jon - i'll be doing some more. Next upload on Monday. I'm hoping I can keep it up all year!

    Clive: I have fairly long arms but this man's arms were crazy. I think it didn't help that he was so thin. Was like being served a cup of tea by a bean pole!

  6. I love these, Alex! Lovely drawings and a great read. had me chuckling into my tea.

    I'm afraid I may be one of those funny men who wear short sleeve shirts and shorts in cold weather. It makes the hairs stick out just like the chap in your drawing. In fact, my wife might say he bears some resemblance to me.....

  7. Hey Jonny!
    Thanks fr the comments. Glad you like the diary.Do you not feel the cold when you are shopping late at night in your shorts?!? Mind you I'm probably not the best person to judge weather and temperature as I am constantly freezing. I was in Sri Lanka last September and it was roasting , yet I still had a jumper on hand ' just in case...' !