Wednesday 21 July 2010

Up in the Air...

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Aaaah bed...

A few weeks ago I found the first picture somewhere online. Shamefully I forgot to note down where it was from, but I think it's an advert for Bloomingdales' home departments.
(If anyone knows do tell me and I'll credit the picture immediately).
I just think it's magical and a realisation of one of my childhood dreams - to live in a tree.

Anyway, inspired by the photo I've drawn my own version. Now, if someone could arrange for a bed to be made up for me in the trees, that would be brilliant - I'm desperately in need of a nap!


  1. There was a particular tree in the Sacred Heart playground that I remember so clearly and fondly; with all the gnarly roots visible at the base? Man I would have LOVED to live in that tree. :)

  2. Aah.. I remember that tree so well. I too wanted to live in it. Infact a little group of us in my year were CONVINCED there was something living inside it... :-)