Friday 30 July 2010


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"Of all the suspicious looking houses in all the deserted woods
in all the world, he had to roll up to hers..."

Yesterday this arrived -my advance copy of my new picture book - EGG!

I'm so delighted with it - the colours have reproduced beautifully and the spot varnish on the cover is a glorious, shiny treat.
If you think you might like to read an exciting story - a sort of Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?/A Streetcar Named Desire, but for children and with a Fox and an egg - this is the book for you.
It can be pre-ordered here, or here and of course at you local independent bookseller.
(Don't forget about them - they are brilliant.)

I do apologise for the quality of the photos. The light today is truly awful and these are very much the best of a bad bunch!


  1. OMG I want a copy! See FBL told you animation was useful. Congrats Smalex!

    Stilts xx

  2. Love it! I believe yours might be my new favorite blog. Ill be checking back in to see what other fabulous things you have created :)

  3. Thanks Stilts! yes all those long sweaty hours slaving over a light box WERE useful - who'd have thunk!

    Little Jackrabbits - Thank you for a really lovely message! I'm going to keep my peepers peeled on your blog too - it looks greats!


  4. Alex, I am a librarian and today I read your book, Foxy & Egg... This is going to be one of my favorite book EVER!!! Your illustrations are beautiful and charming and all-around wonderful! Thanks for writing such a fabulous book, I can't wait for it to be put on display here at the library and have lots of children check it out and love it as much as I do! :) Look forward to reading and enjoying you art in the future!