Thursday 11 February 2010


It's been wedding crazy around here recently. Jem and I are getting married later this year so I've been busy designing our Save the date cards as well as designing invitations for a friend of mine who is getting married in June.

The above mouse picture is an illustration I did quickly the other afternoon for a wedding my parents are going to... I'm wedding-ed out for the time being, but I did hear rumours that I might be required to do some wedding cake tasting soon so I am getting myself rather excited about... can't wait!


  1. Found you via Flickr. Oh, your illustration!!!

  2. Thank you! I've seen your flickr and it's really lovely!

  3. halloo alex! has been great to find your blog- you are one of my most favouritest pictodoodlers.

  4. Thanks Kate! Really like your work too! Thanks for saying hello!

  5. not a problem alex! its really good to see so much of your sketchbook- really inspiring stuff (and all your characters are so well dressed!)

    thankyou for liking my dog in a mac. my mum has a print of it in the downstairs loo.

    Best :-)

  6. Sounds like my mum and dad with my work! It's everywhere.
    And with regards to my well turned out characters - I'm a frustrated set and costume designer I think!