Tuesday 2 February 2010

Happy Birthday Mum!

It's my little Mum's birthday today. I say little Mum because she is very little - I loom over her like the butler in the Adam's Family.  In fact I tend to loom over everyone in my family... I sometimes wonder if  I was adopted by a family of Borrowers and nobody told me....


Happy Birthday Dolores!*

 Jem and I are looking forward to having some cake with you and Pa this weekend! 
(Just make sure it has as much chocolate in it as possible please!)

* My Mum isn't actually called Dolores. I started calling her that when I was about 15 and now no one can remember why... Anyway it's caught on and she quite happily answers to it so that's nice!



    by the way was it around the time 'dinner with dolores' by Prince, came out??

  2. :-) No I don't think - I was only 10 then and just had to look it up! Have no real idea now why I call it her but she even signs her name Dolores in birthday cards!