Friday 15 January 2010


Sadly this is true! I always fall asleep and I'm now wondering if I'm *that* person who wakes up with a jolt and a snort at the end.


  1. It happens the same to me time and again! :S To shy to ask. I used to go with my mum and sister and we told each other if one of us did something embarassing... That was great! but not laughing about everything was a really hard job... So, now I behave during the class but don't know if I'm the one to blame about strange noises. By the way, love your work. Kind regards from Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA.

  2. Hello!
    Thank you for your comment - and from so far away! It's so difficult to stay awake isn't it?! This week I know it was me who made the strange noises - I fell fast asleep immediately and my fiancee said I was snoring! oops!