Monday 11 January 2010

Jim'll Fix It

Dear Jim,
 Please fix it  for me to illustrate 101 Dalmations. It has everything I would love to draw - dogs, exciting action and a wickedly stylish villan. I would set it in the late 1950s/ early sixties and would have the best time ever.*

Thank you,


Above pictures are doodles from my sketchbook for Cruella DeVille's wardrobe as well as some pictures of the pooches. In other news I am very excited to find that this sketchbook which is not my usual brand, allows me to draw with my dip pen and paint with out it bleeding all over the place or soaking through- brilliant!

* I retain the right to take this last statement back if I do ever get to illustrate this book and find drawing 99 different puppies  all the time just a little bit irritating...

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