Friday 11 January 2013

Big Nephew - the Bookworm

This is my Big Nephew. He's seven and is, in many ways, my Mini Me.
We are interested in lots of the same things and both of us like to spend as much time as possible doodling and reading stories. Our favourite thing is to sit and draw underwater scenes, mostly featuring us and Little Nephew zipping around under the ocean in our own submarine.

For a little while, he wasn't that interested in books, but then suddenly, and it was almost overnight, he turned magically into a bookwork and now can't get enough of them. This picture shows what he looks like most of the time when he leaves school. He's one of those children who seem to go through life carting around tonnes of stuff - mainly books, but also jumpers and toys.

He is as quiet as Little Nephew is loud. What I like best is when Little Nephew does something completely loony, Big Nephew will just look at me, sigh, then roll his eyes and waggle his eyebrows. He reminds me a lot of Gromit from Wallace and Gromit when he does that... :-)

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