Sunday 15 April 2012

Attic Treasures No.1: My sketchbook, aged 5/6

My parents are having a bit of building work done on their house which involved clearing out and tidying their attic. My brother, my nephews and I were enlisted to help out and we spent a day last week sorting through boxes and basically reliving our childhoods. 
My nephews were goggle-eyed at some of the things we found. I eagerly showed them a Walkman and they looked at it (and me) in the way I would look at an object from Ancient Egypt. 

I suddenly felt very, very old...

But amongst the boxes (and boxes and boxes) of books and toys, we managed to turn up some real treasures. I'm going to put a few of them up on here this week. 

I thought we might start with a sketchbook of mine that I produced when I was very little indeed. Initially I thought I had drawn these when I was about 6/7, but I've looked at another drawing I know I created when I was five, and the images below are very similar in style to that, so I think this sketchbook was created when I was in Year 1 at primary school, so I was five years old.

Quite an eclectic mix of thing I think you will agree!

Cat and Bird in the Woods.

A Bald Person Wearing Lipstick.

Horse and Carriage. 

Dormice in their Nest.

Portrait of my friend Sarah 
(whom I've been friends with now for almost 23 years!)

Things That Are On My Desk.

A Boy.
(I have a sneaky idea that this not very flattering portrait may well be of someone from my class!)

A Still Life of a Brick.

A Scary Vampire.

A Fork.

Come back here later this week for pages from my 1992/93 diary ( when I was aged 7) as well as some pages from various summer holiday journals that I wrote and illustrated from the age of 4 to about 9!


  1. Your childhood drawings are amazing! I have a few drawings from my childhood i'd like to share too...
    One is of a ghost,vampire and witch playing together (or that's what I think they're doing)!

  2. Super cute! A few weeks ago I found the sketches I made when I was little, so much fun! :)
    Can't wait to see all the other pages!

  3. a sketchbook at the age of 5? - impressive!

  4. They are GORGEOUS!! Love the bald, lipstick wearing person, and the brick is genius!!