Friday 16 March 2012

The sneakiest of peeks at my work in progress book, PRIMROSE!

click to enlarge

Well, aren't you the lucky ones! My publisher Scholastic has very kindly allowed me to show you the sneakiest of peeks at my next picture book for them called PRIMROSE, which won't be in the shops until NEXT spring! Good Heavens, what a wait!

So here we are.
Above you can see our feisty little heroine Princess Primrose and her constant companion Percy (the palace pug!). They are just surprising the very serious looking butler. Poor Primrose! All she wants to do is have fun, but everyone in the palace wants her to behave like a proper princess. Eventually Grandmama is called in to deal with the problem and that's when the fun REALLY begins....

Hopefully I'll be able to show you a little bit more as work on the book progresses. 
Check back soon for a sneaky peek at Claude book 4!


  1. It's gorgeous, I love it!
    Why can't I have a butler in raspberry, too?