Tuesday 25 October 2011

ELLA, my new picture book (another sneaky peek!)

It gives me great pleasure to present to you my new picture book for Scholastic UK, Ella.

It's a love story between a shy ladybird (Ella) and a lovesick spider called Pierre set in Paris.
These pictures are from the hardback version of the book which arrived with it's paperback twin this afternoon.
 I'm absolutely delighted by how the whole thing turned out and I must thank Ellie and Alison my lovely editors and the very talented Alex Fowler who designed the book and made the whole thing come to life. Also a big thank you to my agent Tamlyn who is always on hand to deal with the little ups and downs that creating a picture book brings. Excellent work from them all!

The book is available to pre-order here and here and will be released online and in the shops in Jan 2012. Look out for it and remember to support your local independent book shop.

And now I must get cracking on my next picture book for Scholastic - another girly book this time about a very 'spirited' Princess and her pug dog Percy.


Come back to my blog soon for another sneak peek of the new CLAUDE adventure - Claude at the Circus!


  1. So great to see the book! I have this on my Amazon wishlist for quite a while! :D Thanks for posting.

  2. Congratulations, it looks great!
    It will be a fantastic Christmas gift for my niece :)

  3. Looks lovely! Can't wait to get a copy. :)

  4. Love, love it! Love your work! Can't wait to get a copy.

  5. Honestly, I can wait to get a copy! Your illustration make me giggle like a school girl. Congrats on the book! Many, many more to come of this I am sure.

  6. Looks great. Really amazing colours :)