Tuesday 27 September 2011

Mr Penguin - painted

click to enlarge.

The Mysterious Mr Penguin.
Gouache, pencil crayon and pen.


  1. where is he going? has he got a passport?

  2. Somehow I always like the ones made with pencil crayons, pens etc. best. I know these days lots of illustrations are done on the computer (and they are good too), but the ones made by hand without computer have something extra.
    Sorry for the lousy explanation (English not being my native language).
    Bottom line: love your penquin made in gouache (what's that, by the way?), pencil crayon and pen. :o)!!

  3. Mr Penguin is indeed mysterious.
    He travels internationally with a mysterious suitcase, and are there mysterious messages contained in the Patisserie display??
    Or am I getting carried away?

    Top stuff as usual :)