Tuesday 5 April 2011

Meet The Dogs

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My parent's came to visit this weekend and brought with them their three dogs. So combined with our three, we had six nutty pups dashing about the place. Here's a little portrait I did.

From left to right:

Billy Bongo (Our Tiny Chihuahua)
Maisie Mouse ( My parent's Yorkie/Chihuahua cross puppy and Billy's girlfriend)
Bella Boo (Our Chihuahua/Jack Russell cross)
Murphy (My parent's West Highland White/Small Poodle cross)
Barney (My parent's Border Terrier/ Small Bear!)


The One and Only Lucy Locket (Our 14 year old Yorkshire Terrier. The Boss)


  1. This is outstanding! I love them all.....

  2. they're amazing
    wonderful personalities :)
    and the little paws are a lovely detail.

    It must be FUN having them all together in the house (once in a while)