Monday 14 March 2011

ELLA ( A sneaky first look!)

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Above: Ella spends her days doing shores for the Wasp Sisters and her only friend is Miss Buzzbottom, a kindly bumblebee.

Below: " Even in her ordinary glasses, Ella looked more beautiful to Pierre than any other bug in Paris..."


I am very excited to be able to show you some sneaky first pictures from my next picture book for Scholastic UK! And here they are!

The book is called ELLA and will be publishing early next year in the UK.

It's a fairytale love story set in Paris starring a lonely ladybird called Ella and a lovesick spider called Pierre who is lacking inspiration for his next painting (he's an artist!).

Poor Ella does have a tough time of it. She lives with Belladonna and Ivy, two selfish, mean wasp sisters and spends her days running around after them doing chores. But things are about to change forever as Miss Buzzbottom, Ella's best friend (a bumblebee), has magical plans in store for Ella and Pierre...

Keep your eyes peeled for more info on ELLA coming soon!


  1. congrats, Mr Smith. will be looking out for her.

  2. YAY! congrats! will be looking out for her in NYC !

  3. Excellent, well done, will look out for it.
    Lovely decorative, patterny, textury stuff :)