Thursday 10 June 2010

What I Wore Today...

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I've been wanting to join in with What I Wore Today for ages, but haven't found five minutes to do a quick doodle. Well done to me then for choosing a day when I am wearing a really boring outfit to do a picture for the group!


  1. Hi, Alex! I just missed meeting you last time I was at Scholastic, and I had to pretend I was less gutted than I really was. I love your books, I was just showing off 'Home' to my studio mates, it's lovely.

    Sometime I hope we'll get to meet up and have a good gossip! :)

  2. Hi Sarah!
    Thank you for the comment!
    Oh no we missed each other?! *shakes fist in despair!*
    I'm so glad you like HOME and my work I hope your studio mates do too! I'm a fan of yours as well- I love Morris. He is so like my littlest chihuahua, Billy Bongo!
    Yes lets hope we meet soon for a chin-wag!