Tuesday 13 April 2010

Vegetable Dreams

We had a lovely sunny, weekend here which allowed us to get on with some nice Spring things. We did some gardening- tidying up the winter mess in our titchy little courtyard and getting all of our pots and planters ready to plant lots of vegetables.
I feel like I need some sort of badge or certificate as I managed to put together a massive new wooden planter which is a huge achievement for me as I was so rubbish at Design Tech at school. It was also a huge achievement that I didn't hurt myself/anyone else in the process.
( The Gnomes are from the Garden Centre down the road. I might have to buy one.)

We also looked at the thousands of daffodils which have suddenly sprung up all around the old city walls. This photo shows quite a sparse patch. In other areas around the place you can't see any grass at all. They seem to have all pitched up, fully formed over night when none of us were looking... makes me very suspicious...
We also had a nice cup of tea and a sit down with a big slice of cake. This is pretty much my idea of Paradise. I may have to frame this photo or at least put a mini version of it in my wallet.

But all this busying about in the fresh air has been very draining and has taken it's toll...

By Sunday night *some* of us were too tired to move and the only thing for it was to lie stretched out on a cushion, staring into the middle distance....

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  1. *some of us* have a lot to answer for in this world, which of course revolves entirely around them, and why shouldn't it *all of them* say