Friday 23 October 2009

Words and Gorillas

It's busy around here! The studio is a tip and the dogs have gone doolally and are being incredibly naughty (again) ...
Today I've been doing some hand-lettering for a nice fiction job I'm doing - chapter headings for a very exciting story. Hopefully I can tell you a bit more about it soon. In the meantime: 

Things I've been excited about this week:

  • creating my own font (above) using this amazing site - It's brilliant and I'm planning on making a whole range of exciting fonts to use on everything! YES PLEASE!
  • I've also been obsessed with Gorillas. They are just lovely aren't they . I remember spending my 20th birthday at Edinburgh Zoo and I just loved watching the big gorilla there lounging about in his den - picking his teeth and scratching his head. I'd just quite like to hug one I think...
  • I've been chair-dancing to the Flight of the Conchords album. My main love on it is the song Robots.
  • tonight I am going to make some cupcakes iced with orange icing and dotted with white chocolate drops. Yum!
P.s The final image above is a little, silly present for my girlfriend Jem. She really is quite lovely. Especially when I accidently make some soup too spicy for her and she has to sit fanning her mouth as she eats it. :-)


  1. Hi Alex I'm very impressed by the font making machine thing too, had a go and the possibilities are endless! so thank you :0)

  2. It's brilliant isn't it! Happy Font-making!