Thursday 18 June 2009



That was a longtime between posts! Sorry about that! Will try harder in the future!
In my defense I have been very busy. Here is a list of things I have been up to:

* I went to New York and ate cheesecake and got sunburnt. (p.s. I ♥ NY.)

* I got presented with an award for my work on ELIOT JONES, MIDNIGHT SUPERHERO. 
  (I also ate a mini quiche at the reception before hand with was de.lish.)

* My third book was published- Bella and Monty: A Hairy, Scary Night.
   (Shameless Plug: it's available here...)

* Met and drew for some lovely, if slightly mad, children at some schools I visited - Hello if you    are reading this!)

* Started knitting a ninja...

* Judged some picture books for a Best Books review. ( So much fun and also- excellent      biscuits.)

All between fitting in actual drawing and actual writing! I've just finished book 5 and am onto book 6! 6 books in 3 years. WOWZERS!

Anyway... a post wouldn't be a post without at least one picture so here you go. Just a little something I'm working on.

I'm slightly obsessed with the above colours at the moment. Love minty green with bright pink.

Oh and before I go... if you are in need of a little break from work and a quick story why not look at this? It's Jonas Armstrong ( aka Robin Hood!) reading Eliot Jones, Midnight Suerhero and showing off my illustrations.

Whoop and Hooray!


I think the man next door is keeping pigeons in his attic and I am slightly scared that they might managed to break into my attic and through the boarded up trapdoor and run riot in my house. I just wanted you all to now. That is all.

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