Friday 1 April 2011

Book Sniffing

Have you all found The Book Sniffer yet?!

It's a new, utterly brilliant and very, very funny children's book reviewing blog. It have book reviews, interviews with authors and illustrators* and now every Friday is Doggy Doodle Friday when illustrators send in their doggy doodles! And I've done one this week. I'm delighted to introduce Prunela to you. She's a Chinese Crested and doesn't let her lack of hair stop her from getting glamorous with the accessories!

The genius behind The Book Sniffer is the lovely Emma who used to work for one of my publishers Hodder, but then left ( still sad about this :-( ) to work at Templar Books. Emma is one of the very nicest and hilarious people working in the children's book world. And so very kind. Whether it's emailing me funny pictures of animals in costumes or sending me ACTUAL presents such as a chihuahua pen and a cowboy badge to say thank you for the littlest thing I have done for her, she goes out of her way to support picture books and the work that authors and illustrator's put into them. So do go to the Book Sniffer website and book mark it! It's brilliant, just like Emma!

* it also has interviews with illustrator's dogs... Including my three little nutcases. Read what they say about me here!


  1. Priscilla is great.
    I think I've heard of The Book Sniffer before, but not properly taken notice of it, so I think I now shall.
    And I like the idea of sending in doggie sketches, so I may try and do that too.
    Thanks for posting about it.

  2. *blush* blinkin bloomin heck Alex - you are too kind!
    (and Jon yes you should take notice! join the Facebook page and pop along for a guest blog spot!)

  3. A lovely post about the lovely Book Sniffer. I agree, she is totally brilliant with what she is doing through this Blog - so lovely to correspond with too!