Friday 8 February 2013

SNEAK PEAK: Primrose

I'm VERY excited to be able to share with you a few sneak peaks at my forthcoming picture book 'PRIMROSE'.

Primrose is a princess. She has the pretty pink tiara, the pretty pink palace and the two prancing pink ponies to prove it. 
But being a princess, she thinks, isn't that fun. Everyone at the palace is so serious ALL the time and it's boring, boring, BORING.

Primrose and her little pug Percy like doing not very princessy things like climbing trees in the Royal Orchard and jumping on her bed and dressing up in monkey suits, but none of these things are deemed Proper.

Her Mum and Dad - the King and Queen are very worried about her as they want her to behave properly like a Proper Princess...

The King explains that trees aren't for climbing, they are for sitting under ON A CHAIR and practising your Princess Homework ( How To Wave Properly When Travelling In The Royal Carriage)...

It's the same everywhere she turns in the palace. She's not allowed to play board games, or dig up vegetables in the royal garden or even make cupcakes in the Royal Kitchen ( as she might drop egg down her dress and that would be Awful!)

There's only one thing for it. 
Grandmama will have to be summoned. 
If anyone can make Primrose into a Proper Princess, it's her...

But Grandmama has her own take on the problem and she soon gets the King and Queen joining in, with some surprising results...

You see, it simply doesn't do to be serious ALL the time....

Even Kings and Queens and Royal Grandmamas need to have some fun sometimes...

Primrose will be published in the UK by Scholastic Children's Books in April 2013. It's available to pre order online, but don't forget to support your local high street and independent book sellers


  1. Congratulations! Amazing work!

  2. Guau! i love your wonderful world! is fantastic

  3. Great Story line for the new book. I hope to be able to order a copy for our library soon. I especially love the Royal Grandma bit - being a granma myself! :)