Monday 2 July 2012

This Little Pig...



Sorry I haven't updated this for a while. I have had the maddest month - non stop events AND trying to finish the artwork for CLAUDE book 5.
Aaaaaaaaannnnd...... Today I did it!
CLAUDE in the Spotlight is now complete and I've handed it over to my lovely designer for her to work her magic on it. I've had so much fun working on it, and I hope you all enjoy it when it publishes in April 2013. When I'm allowed to post a sneaky preview on here, I will.

In the mean time, here is one of the three little pigs. This one is the one who built his house out of wood, obviously. He started out as a doodle in my sketchbook, but I couldn't help colouring him in.
I'll try and put some of my recent sketchbook pages up on here this week and I promise to start updating regularly again starting!

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  1. I love Claude! You illustrations in it are a little bit too delicious. I am a librarian in Devon and draw and write in my spare time. Will be posting a review of Claude at the Circus on my blog next week:

    Also, just ordered a copy to post to a friend for our monthly book exchange. He will adore it too!