Friday, 25 March 2011

Illustration Friday: CULTIVATE

click to enlarge

Slightly, just slightly, late Illustration Friday picture for the theme 'cultivate'. Going to have to start thinking about the theme a bit earlier this week!

Anyway - CULTIVATE. We've had a lot of lovely spring sunshine here this week meaning I've been doing a lot of standing in the garden looking at the mess winter has made. We need to do a big tidy up, but I think the dogs will be furious if we do. They like the garden in it's weedy, tangly, messy state. It means lots of hidey-hole's for things they've stolen ...*

*This week: post-it notes. (again)


  1. Each time I stop by here, it is a treat, a sight for sore eyes and a total pleasure to see your brilliant work, which always makes me very happy. Thank you.

  2. Doesn't matter if you're late for the prompt if the illustration turns out this great :) Very nice work