Thursday 2 December 2010

Letters to my Nephew - The Polar Bear

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Yesterday we had even more snow! There was a blizzard blowing when I walked my wife to work. When I got back home and had thawed my feet out I wrote a letter to my nephews telling them about what happened when a polar bear came for a visit. All true I promise you (!)

Anyway, here's the picture I drew to go with the letter...


  1. I would LOVE for one of them to turn up at my door! I reckon he'd keep me warm unlike the 3 chunky pairs of socks I'm wearing today...

  2. :-)
    Well the polar bear who 'visited' here made a dreadful mess with his hot chocolate...

  3. I hope he didn't outstay his welcome - I know how polar bears can be - although yours does look almost apologetic, so maybe he's a bit special. What brought him to your door? Was he lost?

  4. Angela - your comment made me laugh!
    I don;t know what brought him to the door, it was all very mysterious and he was quite secretive about the contents of his suitcase. Maybe he'll be back one day and we'll find out!

  5. I hope he wiped his feet?
    What DID he have in his suitcase? An ice cube pillow? Penguin toothbrush? Extra strong polar mints?

    Do tell.
    LOVE the picture by the way ( even though it's a photograph )

  6. ps can we see a facsimile of the letter ( or a nutshell /?)