Tuesday 26 January 2010

Mysteries ( of all descriptions!)

Another image from my sketchbook.
A mystery story seems to be developing within the pages of my sketchbook. Firstly there was the siblings following footprints across a frosty moor, then the rabbit and mouse investigating a doorway in a dark alley and now this - stern faced Victorians and a little boy and his uncle following a thief  in a jungle temple who is making off with some treasure. I think a story might be brewing  and that's exciting.

Talking of mysteries and treasure look what I found at the weekend:
Jem's parent's were up to visit us this week and after having afternoon tea in Betty's tearoom we went for a rummage in an antique fayre. I got the above - it's a child's film star scrap book from the 1930s and it's incredible. The effort put into cutting out these images and gluing them in is fantastic and this will be a brilliant resource for my artwork... but I'm just wondering who created it??
And here is something else I've been meaning to show you:
A while ago we bought a chest of drawers from a vintage furniture shop and all the drawers were stuffed full of brown paper and card - I'm assuming to protect the drawers whilst it was being transported. Once we'd got the chest of drawers into position I cleared the drawers and found this tucked into a crack at the back. It was actually a negative, but a bit of photoshop magic revealed the picture - a family portrait from I think, the 1930s. Isn't it brilliant?! But what I want to know is who are they? Where did they live? What did they do? 

I'd love to know... but maybe the magic comes from the mystery of not knowing.

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